Opportunities | SOURCE Call for New Work & Writing Prize

Call for New Work:

As part of research for future issues, Source will be organizing Zoom meetings with photographers to look at their new photographic work. Each meeting provides an opportunity to introduce directly new work to one of the editors. This is one way Source finds new work for publication in the Portfolio section of the magazine.

If you are interested in attending you should email a PDF with up to 10 images and contained within it up to three paragraphs of text that give a background to your new work along with your name, contact phone number and web address.

Files must be no more than 25 MB.
Date: Friday 9 June 2023
This event will be held via Zoom.
Initial submission deadline: Friday 5 May 2023 to: research@source.ie


Writing Prize:

We are always looking for new writers to contribute to Source. If you’ve not written for Source before we invite you to send us an article. The winning entry will receive £500 / 570 Euro and we will either publish it or commission you to write an article for us in the future. All short listed entries will also be considered for publication or for future commissions. (paid)

You should not have written for Source before.
The article must be no more than 700 words.
The article should not have been published previously.
It should include your name and contact email.
It should be submitted by 5.30pm (GMT) on the 1st August 2023 to: richard@source.ie

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