… on making

Glasgow School of Art graduate Flannery O’Kafka is showing work as part of ‘… on making’, on show at The National Museum in Gdańsk from 15th March until 9th June 2019.

The exhibition .offers a glimpse into contemporary British photography. The works shown are on the one hand the expression of attitudes resulting from the artist’s personal investigations of national identity in the context of the phenomenon of multiculturalism and immigration wave (Maryam Wahid), on the other – the effect of considerations about the place of man in nature (Fleur Olby) and his condition resulting from social entanglement in stereotypes and imposed religious systems (Flannery O’Kafka), as well as deeply rooted in the Western European narrative of mythology (Cheryl Newman).

The photographs selected for this exhibition are the presentation of the nine strong voices uttered in today’s most utilitarian medium. All artists are aware of their place in time and space and are cosmopolitan in their art.

More Information: Flannery O’Kafka / Gdańsk National Museum