NOTES Journal Issue 8: Care and Recovery

Pre-orders of NOTES Issue 8 »Care and Recovery« have started. The journal will be shipped in April/May.

NOTES are back with an issue about Care and Recovery which has been long in the making. Believe it or not, it’s pre-pandemic. It meanders through different aspects of health, healing, and economy. Inevitably it will be marked by Covid, but more as a reminder that many of the issues that the pandemic has actualised are deeply embedded in the politics of the now and how our reality is structured.

Contributors to this issue:
Liz Orton with her book work Every Body Is an Archive which will be accompanied by an extended review written by Esther Biro, portfolios by Paul Seawright, Alicia Bruce, Frank McElhinney and Natalia Poniatowska, Scotland based poet David Kinloch and Holland based Matthijs Uivel, Dr Rachel Mannings, Nina Bacos and finally our first foray into moving image with Bank Job by Dan Edelstyn and Hilary Powell which are accompanied by an essay by Francis McKee.

Cover image from series ‘Every Body Is An Archive’ by Liz Orton

Cover design by Gordon Orr

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