Ongoing project - includes 8 sessions 

How do you fancy getting stuck into a new photographic project? Maybe you have been thinking about an idea recently, or perhaps you are looking for new inspiration? You may even have made some images already but are unsure what the next step might be.

One of the things we have learned over the years is how beneficial it can be to work alongside others, both giving and receiving feedback, not just from tutors but also from other creative individuals.

This workshop offers you the space to transform your ideas and images into a completed body of work; the opportunity to work independently on a project, whilst also checking in regularly to discuss your ideas and progress.

Think of it as a kind of hub where you'll both give and receive creative stimulus, new ideas, lots of energy and positive feedback.

In order to pack in as much as possible, we've designed the workshop to include a mix of one-to-one and group sessions with a healthy balance of presentations, discussions and feedback, The programme will consist of five two-hour group meetings with Paul and Maria, plus each participant will receive two half-hour individual feedback sessions. In addition there will be a final group meeting for everyone to share their completed projects.

The Format
There are no rules about what you will make or the style you choose to work in. It could be a documentary book or a radical Zine, a moving image piece or a series of fine art prints. It's entirely up to you.

Unlike our one-day or weekend workshops, this project will be ongoing, and regular input from the entire group will help to shape and direct each individual's work.

In addition to input from Paul and Maria, participants are expected to make some contributions to the research, presentations, discussions and feedback. Naturally there will be times when you feel a little out of your comfort zone (that's how we grow), but the process isn't designed to be frightening, but  informal, supportive and positive.

Topics will include:

Image making and selecting - practical and aesthetic considerations involved in making and selecting your images.
Choosing an appropriate platform - will your final project work best as a book, zine, moving image work, prints or some other format?
Editing and sequencing - how to create a narrative through your work.
Style, form and content - how to organise your material so that the design and meaning work together.

Much of the session time will be taken up with looking, analysing, and discussing your work.

What you will need
A sense of curiosity, a willingness to share your knowledge and experience, and a commitment to the group.
A camera - anything from a smartphone upwards is fine by us. Remember that a camera is just a tool, the important thing is that you are comfortable using it.
Something to edit your images on - eg desktop computer, laptop, ipad / tablet etc.
A wifi connection.
Zoom downloaded and installed onto your computer.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or would like to discuss your suitability for the workshop.

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    £195 includes 8 sessions

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