What w’ Like is an online group exhibition that showcases some of the best
contemporary documentary photography and mixed media work being created
in and around the UK.

For a relatively small part of the world, the concept of British identity could not
be less straight forward. The people who inhabit the nations that make up the
nation are incredibly varied in nature, accent, skin colour, religion and background.
It’s this diversity that makes the UK such a vibrant society, and in a time when our
identities are often overshadowed by political narratives and there seems to
be more that divides than binds us, this show’s aim is to use photography and film
to capture a ground level snapshot and celebrate a normal day in the life of a
country that is made great by the beautifully diverse folks who call it home.

The title What w’ Like, derives from one of the many common colloquialisms that
are often used when people, or someone in particular acts in a way that is funny
or bold.

Dougie Wallace – Simon Murphy – Craig Easton – Rory Wood – Shelby Alexander – Charlie Kwai – Math Roberts – Conor Beary – John Bolloten – Gav Robinson – Lloyd Ramos – Stephen Leslie – Mariusz Smiejek – Frankie Quinn

25th April, 7.30PM via Zoom (Introduction and Walkaround with Curator & Artists) - - Free Registration here

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Featured image by Simon Murphy

Opening Event

25th April, 7.30PM via Zoom (Introduction and Walkaround with Curator & Artists)

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    The Kube Gallery (Online)

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