Join us for a screening of work by women filmmakers and artists from Ukraine.

This programme was originally presented in Glasgow in 2019 as 'Under Mud' by Ukrainian curator, Alexandra Tryanova and Glasgow based artist, Susannah Stark, with help from Ukrainian artist, Oksana Kazmina. We represent the screening to raise funds for the featured artists and filmmakers as well as medical volunteers working in Ukraine.


Iryna Kudrya, Just a Smile, 2017. SD video 3 min 37 sec

Oksana Chepelyk, Chronicles of Fortinbras, 2001. 35mm film transferred to HD video, 30 min

Alina Kleytman, Super A, 2015. SDvideo 7 min 43 sec

Oksana Kazmina, The Girl, The Boy, And The Secret, 2018. HD video, 12 min 47 sec

Victoria Myronyuk, Songs to the Sea, 2018. Audio extract, 5 min

Running time: 60 min

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Oksana Kazmina, 'The Girl, The Boy And The Secret', 2018

  • Venue

    Center for Contemporary Arts

  • Address

    350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, UK

  • Price

    £6 / £11 (Eventbrite)

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