Wasps Studios are delighted to present ‘THE WIND IN MY SOUL’, a solo exhibition from Bibo Keeley following her residency at the Wasps’ Admirals House on the Isle of Skye.

In discussing her creative practice, Bibo states:

"My work reflects on personal experience and my deep personal feeling of a connection with nature. I use the word nature in the broadest sense. This includes the environment, specific natural locations, animals and the human body.  In German this is called NATURVERBUNDENHEIT.

My work focuses on a wide range of issues; from environmental concerns such as global pollution to the topic of gender and gender inequality – as different as they might seem, they all stem from my feeling of Naturverbundenheit.

I like to use sculpture, video, photography, and performative elements including singing.  These media often overlap – for example, I might use a sculptural piece in a performance and then document this through video.

Quite often my work suggests a narrative.  I draw on the human affinity to rituals, often using symbolism from the mythical of different cultures. I am also inspired by organic forms in the natural world.

When creating sculpture, I am very interested in learning the relevant making process. I have a great affinity for clay because of its immediacy and ‘healing’ qualities; I have also worked in bronze and other materials."

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© Bibo Keeley

  • Venue
    The Briggait
  • Address
    141 Bridgegate, Glasgow, G1 5HZ
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