Shelter Scotland's exhibition has been created by students from the Glasgow School of Art. They worked with staff and people Shelter Scotland supports to create an exhibition which highlights the impact of the housing crisis today and how Shelter Scotland campaigns and supports people in housing need 50 years on from when they were founded.

The exhibition takes place in the 3rd floor Reception area of the Mitchell Library.

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Support Service - Dumfries and Galloway ALY ‘I left my husband about five months ago. He was abusive to me, it was getting too much to handle, so I left him and took the kids and stayed at my mum and dad’s house until the council could get us a temporary house. Shelter Scotland helped me, as there are lots of forms to fill in. I stayed in the temporary accommodation for another two months and now we’ve got a nice home.’ Image: © Yao Ting Yeong

  • Venue
    The Mitchell Library
  • Address
    North Street, Glasgow G3 7DN, UK
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