Glasgow Greenpeace are hosting an exhibition of thought provoking photographs for the Protect The Oceans campaign. The photographs were taken over the past year on a expedition by Greenpeace ships, The Esperanza and Arctic Sunrise, from pole to pole throughout the Atlantic, highlighting some of the key threats to our world's oceans as well as its' beauty. All are very welcome to join for our opening event on the 18th January with a talk from a Greenpeace speaker. The photographs will also be on display for two weeks following this.

We're running this exhibition as part of our Protect The Oceans campaign. We want the UN to protect a third of the world's Oceans from human exploitation - science backed Ocean Sanctuaries that will help our seas recover, protected from overfishing, plastic pollution, deep sea mining and oil drilling.

We'd love for you to join us for drinks, nibbles and chat in the new year. We'll also have ways you can get involved in making a difference to help protect our oceans and the planet as a whole over the coming year.

Please bring your own cup to prevent using single use plastic.
Venue open Wednesday - Saturday 10am-5pm

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Image © Glasgow Greenpeace

Opening Event

18th January 6:30pm - 8pm

  • Venue

    The Outwith Agency

  • Address

    14 Albert Road, Glasgow G42 8DN, UK

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