The JAŹŃ Gallery invites you with love to:

1_Celebrating the opening day of the JAŹŃ Gallery - minimal art gallery in Glasgow.

2_The first exhibition: ‘The Pink Rider – “The Line” performance. Realization of the 'Premortal Portraits of the People of Donbas war / October-December 2020'.

ad. 1______About the JAŹŃ Gallery:
* JAŹŃ (Polish) - SELF( English). The self is an individual person as the object of its own reflective consciousness. Since the self is a reference by a subject to the same subject, this reference is necessarily subjective
JAŹŃ Gallery is a new project of Sebastian Plocharski. It is a minimal art gallery in Scotland to support and promote artists and culture from Central and Eastern Europe. It is an attempt to confront Anglo-Saxon and Slavic cultures - reciprocity and convergence. To be a transmitter of cultural knowledge. It is a laboratory of identity where, humans is digitalized and re-digitalized by arts, cultures, music and languages.

ad. 2_____About the exhibition:
Sebastian has been making an independent documentary film ('Black Coffee Stirred with Kalashnikov') about the situation in Donbas war in Ukraine, focused on the socio-philosophic aftermath of this war for 6 years now. In this process, he uses, his own cognitive methodology and innovative artistic techniques on the verge of absurdity.
In October-December, 2020 he realized the artistic “The Pink Rider” performance, during which he was cycling around the military zone - 500 miles, along the demarcation line to create “Premortal portraits” of the forgotten inhabitants of Donbas. 'The Pink Rider' is a concept when art, journalism, science and passion to developing by social work usurped the rights to the main story.
During his several-week journey, he meets people whom he portrays in photos and films. He's creating a metaphorical image of a modern man living in war-torn areas.
So far 7 years of conflict between Ukraine and two separatists areas: DRP and LRP, supported by Russia. Collectively called the Donbas region. The situation in Donbas has not changed for the last years, currently it has just disappeared from the mainstream of information.
“The Pink Rider” is an alter ego created especially for the purpose of his work. It is the result of the absurd of the reality found there, as well as an experimental attempt to reflect on the essence of humanity in the modern world. A world dominated by large urban centres and sterile, calculated media headlines, which imitate reality rather than describe it.

Opening Event

A private view (vernissage) and celebrate of the opening day of the gallery: 26.06 & 27.06.2021 | 2 pm - 7pm

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