In the 1990s Glasgow based photographer, Robert Burns, became the printer for Fabrizio Gianni, a leading international fashion photographer from Milan, printing for all the leading fashion magazines in Europe including Italian Elle.  His reputation as a black and white printer resulted in being asked to make exhibition prints for other leading photographers such as Pat MacDonald and David Eustace.

This exhibition of his personal work focuses on his passion for photographing people, from formal sittings to performance and travel.

In his own words:

“At the age of about 12 I made my first photographs with my father at a local camera club.  I concentrated on drawing and paintings in order to go to Glasgow School of Art in 1962.  In my 3rd year some students were making photos to advertise the fashion show and I thought they were terrible so went home to my Dad and asked to use his Leica 111F and how to make prints in my parent's bathroom.  My first fashion photographs were published in the Glasgow Herald and prints are still in the GSA archive.  I was hooked and having worked at the printing craft, printing for many photographers but especially Fabrizio Gianni whom I rate as one of the greatest fashion photographers I am now enjoying learning about digital photography.”

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Eddie, by Robert Burns

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    FLOW Photofest Wall @ Eden Court Theatre, Inverness

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