World-renowed French photographer Raymond Depardon discusses his stunning 1980 photographs of the city of Glasgow (via Zoom)

In 1980, following a commission by The Sunday Times, French photographer Raymond Depardon travelled to Glasgow where he went on to produce a stunning collection of images of life in the city.

Hosted by the University of Glasgow, this interview is a unique opportunity to hear Raymond Depardon speak about the genesis of the project, the place of these photos in his career’s work, and the role of photography in portraying social life.

Offering an often stark portrayal of conditions around Glasgow's housing developments dating from the post-war period and earlier, the photographs allow the viewer to reflect critically on the housing policies of the era and the effects of deindustrialisation on the people of the city. Yet they simultaneously capture something of the enduring resilience and sense of community among Glaswegians, and have children’s experience of their homeplace at their core. Portraying a city whose topography has been altered repeatedly in the course of its modern history, often not without controversy, they offer an evocative and emotionally powerful glimpse of a Glasgow of which only traces remain today.

This Zoom interview will take place in French with English translation and will be recorded.

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For more information on the event and background information on the photographs, click here.

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