Stills Research Associate & Tutor David Grinly will present the first two of four lectures on thinking photographically.

Lecture 1 - Photography Aren’t we modern any more?

Modernities and photography. With the advent of the negative-process-photograph ideas about politics and belief were changing rapidly. What role did photography play in the modern period of upheaval when “Everything which is solid melts into air”?Histories beyond the modern, why study paintings to learn about photography?

Lecture 2 - The Photographer Who isn’t a photographer?!

What does it mean to be “a photographer”? Is there an ethics/morals of photography? Do we need one? Should we think of one? Addressing the photographers role in the image making process.

Bringing together David’s research in photography, philosophy, theology and psychoanalysis these lectures will explore the myriad effects of the photographic on the individual in contemporary life.

Stirling Photography Festival is delighted to be partnering with Stills for Flow 2021 with a programme of workshops, dialogues and lectures hosted by Made in Stirling throughout September.

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