Panes of Abandonment: Abandoned Aberdeenshire.

In rural Aberdeenshire, abandoned communities and glens once had schools, churches, markets, tradesmen and many ‘reekin’ lums.

When I explore these abandoned cottages, I can stand at the kitchen window and consider the joys, the hardships, the sadness and the life of the folk who once lived there. I experience the isolation, the remoteness, the silence and the sense of abandonment and decay. Their history can still be seen in the buildings, the place names, the dry stone walls, their midden, the messages written on walls of barns, the faint marks on a wall where a picture once was, the flowering of the gean tree they planted or maybe the daffodils that still pop up in spring.

Looking out of windows I can look at the landscape the previous owners saw. A view in someone’s memory, now in mine. Overlapping of memories. The permanence of the landscape makes this possible.

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