Following the annual migratory route of the herring fishery from Shetland to Great Yarmouth, 'Fisherwomen' celebrates the traditional and contemporary importance of women to the fishing industry.

In days gone by the work of gutting, curing and packing the fish was done outdoors on bustling quaysides and was celebrated in the paintings of John McGhie, Winslow Homer and others. Nowadays, the work, as vital as ever, is all done behind closed doors in large fish processing factories, smokehouses and small family firms all along the coast.

Craig Easton’s portraits celebrate the crucial role women still play in the fishing industry, drawing a clear line between the heritage of the ‘herring lassies’ and the fisherwomen of today.

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© Craig Easton

Opening Event

19th April, 6.30 - 8.30pm

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    Montrose Museum and Art Gallery

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    Panmure Row, Montrose DD10 8HF, UK

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    01674 907447