In spring of 2022, seven strangers stayed in a beautiful house in the heart of Tuscany. Journeying from their homes spread across Europe - in England, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland - they met with a shared passion for analogue photography. After two years of COVID restrictions, and feeling the urgency to create and touch without limitations, this collaboration was like life-giving water for them. The exhibition demonstrates a transition from solitude to closeness. Through generous collaboration and unpressured support, the seven women produced this transfixing body of work.

The photographs on display were all taken using analog cameras, both 35mm and medium format. The images seek the authenticity of the feminine gaze that is their own: a natural, sensitive, and poetic vision, with a mysterious narrative at play. This body of work serves as a testimony to the viewer of these strong individual identities, but also their synergy, which is blossoming into a contemporary female photography collective that spans borders. Together, they show women from completely different backgrounds, with varying shooting styles, have created a common creative space.

Image Caption

multiple exposure of all artists by Laura Prieto

Opening Event

11th November 6pm till late

  • Venue

    Agitate Gallery

  • Address

    20 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, UK

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