Camille Seaman photographs both storms in the midwest of America and Icebergs in both arctics.

Talk TBA during the course of the exhibition.

“I wasn’t born a storm chaser”, says Camille Seaman of her career which is far from commonplace. The American photographer’s interest in storm chasing came during an offhand moment: “I was watching my daughter and vacuuming whilst she was sitting on the couch watching storm chasing and it just looked so interesting - the colours, the light, and she caught me looking at the TV and told me I should do that!” she explains. “So, during a commercial break I Googled ‘storm chasing’ and a whole, new world appeared. Three days later, I was there, I was doing it.”

From this day Seaman’s photographic landscape shifted forever. “I feel a sense of belonging. Not because I’m photographing, but because I am present and realise that our experience as humans on this planet is limitless,” replies Seaman when asked what she has learned (and what she hopes others will learn) from her photographic series The Big Cloud. Recently published by Princeton Architectural Press, the book is both beautiful and shocking in its portrayal of Seaman’s experiences as a storm chaser.” DAZED 2018

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