In 1921, the story goes, an astute businesswoman by the name of Margaret ‘Maggie’ McIver created a safe place for people to trade from their barrows in Calton, in the east end of Glasgow. What started off as a small outdoor trading post for a few locals would become the world famous Barras market. More than a shopping centre, the market was a thriving entertainment hub, a meeting place, the beating and banter-filled heart of the Glaswegian community.

This year the Barras market celebrates its 100th anniversary and we’re celebrating with a year-long programme of arts and heritage activities, produced by @friendsofthepipefactory @articulateculturaltrust in partnership with Margaret McIver Ltd, with support from @creativescots @glasgowheritage @glasgowcc and Scotland Loves Local.

Visitors will be treated to an exhibition form photographers such as Peter Degnan and Stuart Edwards marking the past 100 years of stalls and characters that made the Barras a world-famous institution.

Opening on Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th June
Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th June 2021

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