My name is 邹梦琦. Call me Kiki.
I was born in Hubei, China. In a city you've never heard of, with a countryside so green and the air so fresh - where the people live so simply, the old way, washing their clothes in the nearest stream - that you might not be able to imagine it. I did most of my growing up in Glasgow, in the  few years I was studying here.
This May I left my hometown - and my family - for what I know will be a very long time. I'm back in Glasgow to say goodbye to here, too. I'm leaving without a reason my parents or others might find practical or real, like college or work:
I'm leaving to fall in love with myself and take photos that might express how this feels.

Thank you for seeing me off. I'm very happy you're here. This is my first step, my first exhibition.
Displayed is what I've seen of the two places where I lived this past year, and some of the people I've lived with - see their strength, their beauty, love, and resilience. And (I notice now) their loneliness, too.

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© Kiki Zou

Opening Event

Sunday 21st August 7 - 9 pm

  • Venue

    The Alchemy Experiment

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    Byres Road, Glasgow G12 8TS, UK

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    0141 739 9051

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