Inner Sound by Iain Stewart (Another Place Press)

Iain Stewart – Inner Sound

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Due for release Dec 2020

The timeless, deep pull of the ocean is strong; nature is powerful, it will prevail. Dark tides swell and rise, awaiting those who ignore warning signs. Endure and pray not to go under – hope for a lull and weather the storm. Calm and stillness will inevitably follow. As we collide with our fate, redemption is there in nature. Mostly we don’t notice the moments of wonder and grace – but they were here all along. There are footholds in the mist, into tomorrow.

“There’s something original and ambitious at work here; a shard-like hard-cutting between image and place and text. Sometimes it’s bewildering — but then that’s true of the places Stewart is fascinated by as well. There’s a winter-chill to the mountain photographs, and a storm-ferocity to the seascapes, that’s born of somewhere between muteness and confusion.”

Robert Macfarlane

78 pp / 250 x 200mm
Perfect Bound
Fedrigoni papers:
350gsm Satin cover
170gsm Satin text
120gsm Materica endpapers
Edition TBC
ISBN 978-1-8383119-0-2

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