Firecracker Photographic Grant Covid-19

About the call

In light of the increasingly difficult circumstances faced by our freelance photographic community, this year’s Firecracker Photographic Grant is specifically tailored to support practitioners during the Covid_19 pandemic. Open to female and non binary photographers, the Grant will be a minimum contribution of £2000 which will be split into 4 individual funds of £500 each. Submissions will be assessed on a combination of quality of work and artist statements outlining proposals for how the grant will be spent. Consideration will be given to both living expenses and production costs. Applications are subject to an application fee of £8 and ALL payments contribute to the funding. The larger the submissions, the larger the grant total and the more photographers we can support. Applications are now open, and will close 1 May 2020. The grant recipients will be announced by 10 May and we will endeavour to make payments at the same time.

About Firecracker

The Firecracker Photographic Grant is a small, self funded, non-profit initiative open to international female photographers or non-binary photographers. It is usually awarded to a photographer based on the strength of visual portfolios and artist statements submitted, however in light of the Covid19 pandemic, the 2020 Grant will be allocated in smaller individual amounts based on quality of work and information supplied in the application process. All information is confidential and consideration will be made on both living expenses and production costs. If you receive a salary or regular income we would encourage you to not apply, in order to benefit those with the greatest need. Applications are judged by an independent panel of industry experts. 100% of application fees go towards the total Grant amount.

Open until 1 May 2020