Catrine Val: PHILOSOPHERS, Women’s Wisdom

Catrine Val has been invited to present her project “Philosopher, the Female Wisdom” on the occasion of the IAPh – International Association of Women Philosophers conference, and the 24th World Congress of Philosophy in Beijing. Catrine previously exhibited at Street Level Photoworks in 2016 with her show Political Letters.

The exhibition celebrates the powerful presence of female thinkers from all parts of the world and throughout the ages by imagining their reappearance today. Individuality and the human relationship with nature in the modern world appear in a fresh light. The portraits of these philosophers offer a richer gender inclusive paradigm for contemporary art – displaying an electrifying moment when the personal becomes political in the world of wisdom.

10th August – 20th August 2018

Second Floor A202
No. 1 Tsinghua East Road
Kasha Square, Haidian District, Beijing