Another Place: Fiona Steel

Of High Specific Gravity by Scottish photographer Fiona Steel, has been selected as part of Another Place, an online space showcasing photography. The series was created during the New Photographers Guild mentor programme, facilitated by Street Level Photoworks. It was on show at Trongate 103 as part of Elbow Room.

Of High Specific Gravity, explores a land with a troubled past, a land haunted by its past.  With an unsettling atmosphere, a feeling hard to describe, distinct otherness.  To walk here is a solitary experience where others are rarely witnessed.  However, the presence of other is always evident.

Historically, twenty aircraft succumbed to the moorlands of this landscape. Human error and heavy mist were said to be contributing factors.  Another theory was that mineral deposits within the land interfered with the primitive navigational equipment.  This mineral is Baryte, known for its high specific gravity

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Image: © Fiona Steel