209 Women

To mark 100 years since some women achieved the right to vote, we aim to take over parliament with 209 new photographic portraits of all female MPs, shot exclusively by female photographers, and make it free and open to the public.

209 Women is a national artist-led project championing the visibility of women.

This exhibition has been made possible through the collaboration of 209 women photographers including the following Scottish photographers: Alicia Bruce, Arpita Shah, Flannery O’kafka, Hannah Starkey, Jan Williams, Kat Dlugosz, Kerry Lytwyn, Kirsty MacKay, Laura Hynd, Lucy Levene, Margaret Mitchell, Sophie Gerrard, Sylwia Kowalczyk, Wendy McMurdo.

“To represent and be presented for what we are – as women, by women – is a very special thing. This is what 209 women is all about.”   HELEN PANKHURST Great Granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst  

The exhibition will hang in Westminster from 14th December to February 2019. It will be curated by Hilary Wood (Founder/Director of ‘209 Women’ and photographer), Tracy Marshall (Director of Development and Partnerships at Open Eye Gallery), Cheryl Newman (Artist, curator and former Director of Photography of the Telegraph magazine) and Lisa Tse (Brand Consultant, TV Producer and founder of women’s club The Sorority). The exhibition is supported by Liverpool City Council. In February 2019, it will travel to Open Eye Gallery, to be exhibited in partnership with Culture Liverpool.

More Information: 209 Women

Image: © Sarah Lee